Here is my comic i commissioned with my deviantart points

look again

this is so beautiful

Ahhh, What an a amazing Sammy! Thank you so much, this way better then I could have ever hoped for!

Scribbled up a quick picture of nodnash's Linty while trying to get over some motor-skill problems that cropped up after a recent health issue. I'm obviously still having some issues, but it looks better than what I was putting out a few days ago so progress is being made. Hopefully I'll be able to control my hands properly by the start of next week.


hello i drew new icons for delstimpson and i.

Can skellys be a fursona? 

Seamergency 2014!


Hey there all, I’m just putting it out there that Seamergency will be starting today, Aug. 7th at 6pm(PDT)/9pm(EDT) and running through the weekend to 5pm(PDT)/8pm(EDT) Monday, Aug. 11th.

For those who are not familiar with Seamergency it is a charity drive done in conjunction with Wild Aid’s Shark Savers Program. All funds from the charity go directly to Shark Savers to help protect and save sharks and rays. The charity drive itself is multifaceted, so that there’s a little bit of something for everyone. During the course of the drive we will be broadcasting speedruns preformed by over 60 of our fantastic volunteers, many of whom are form the Speed Demo Archives Forums. We will also be broadcasting donation requests live, with over 20 different artist volunteering their skills to the task (myself included). There are also 5 prizes up for raffle during the event as well (to qualify for a raffle prize you must donate at least $5.00 USD).

So now that you know what Seamergency is all about I’ll bet you’re wondering what you can do to help, right?

Well that’s simple, there are plenty of ways you can help out.

  • Donate to the charity! By donating you can not only help the sharks and rays but also get an awesome piece of art (Minimum bid to qualify got a request is $5.00 USD), or bid to see a particular outcome for a speedrun.

  • Buy a T-shirt or hoodie, designed by the awesome drmalpractice.

  • If you can’t donate or buy a T-shirt/Hoodie, then please help us spread the word. Reblog this post, talk about the charity on your Twitter or facebook, get the word out there!

  • Hang out and chat with us on the twitch page! Knowing that people are actually there and watching is a huge motivator for everyone involved.

Also, I have to give a shout out to our amazing Logistics team, whom we’d be lost without. If anyone has any sort of trouble during the event than please contact them via IRC at #seamergencysupport on Rizon.

Last year we managed to raise over $5,000, and in the two years prior we were able to collect more than $7,000. Each year we strive to outdo ourselves and this year is no exception, we hope that with your help we’ll be able to make this our most successful event yet!

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This is literally the cutest thing and I love this, also very silly!~
Thank you very much. I wanted to do something special since it was a huge surprise to me.

Nearing 100 Followers

Speaking of followers, I’m just gonna put it out that there I am nearing 100 followers. When I reach that point, eventually, I’ll probably hold a simple little art giveaway there I’ll pick one or two people to do a request for. I’ll give more detailed information when the time comes, so if you are someone who might be interested than keep an eye out in the near-ish future. 

Cosmin, for my half of an art trade with Cosuman/LusoPakak. I wasn’t sure with version looked best, so I just went with all three.

Here’s his amazing half of the trade, in case you’re interested. 

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